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Ajmer - Interactive Agency

Ajmer is a modern interactive agency, which was established in 2010. Since the beginning of its activity, our company has been dealing with broadly understood aspects of the company’s image on the web, such as website design, SEO and online marketing. The scope of the company’s competence includes:

  • designing websites, stores and web portals
  • search engine optimization
  • creating web applications
  • e-marketing campaigns, website positioning
  • graphic design, branding
  • video marketing
  • server administration
  • consulting, technical support, website administration

Ajmer is a team of experienced specialists in programming, front end, computer graphics, SEO and digital marketing. Thanks to a well-coordinated team, the company has already completed several hundred advanced website projects, marketing campaigns and programming implementations for companies from Poland and abroad.

Our offer

Why us?

We are at the forefront on the Internet market. We design for customers who need something more than a “website” or a “simple project”. We work for companies that do not accept compromises in quality and treat each created project as a potential sales tool. therefore:

  • we work for demanding customers
  • we do not accept compromises in detail, they affect the effectiveness of the project
  • we work together for years, providing care and sustainable development of projects
  • our projects are original and made with many years of customer benefits in mind

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Concept of Ajmer activities

We tell the truth, sometimes bitter

At Ajmer we simply tell the truth, we don’t promise customers the moon. If there is a risk of burning the budget on the project with little chance of an effect, then we present the client with hard factual data even if it affects the resignation from cooperation. A clear conscience and reliable counselling over acting exclusively for our own pocket has provided us with impeccable opinions over the years.

We appreciate Customers who appreciate Quality

We try to work with customers who believe in the principle that in order to do something right, you need to devote time and a specific scope of work to it. Working in such a belief, you can create something unique, original that will distinguish the web design from hundreds of other similar ones, using repetitive templates. We pay special attention to this in accordance with the principle: “first stand out and then sell.”

We act as a partnership

We are not a project to project company. Most of the implementation we run, develop and administer over the years.  Creating a website, a store, a web portal is only the first stage. Warranty service, training, technical support and marketing campaign are another range of activities crucial for the effectiveness of projects.  Partnering provides our customers with peace of mind and the certainty that there is a company behind the scenes that will take care of everything in the event of technical issues

We do not recognize Diagrams and Templates

We’re out of the ordinary. The idea of our company is to create websites, stores, original projects and strategies that stand out from the competition in a given industry. It is the action outside the template that attracts the attention of the potential customer. Hence, in our work, we use solutions and elements whose purpose is to stop the customer’s attention for a longer period of time and lead them to submit an inquiry.

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