Website design

Own professional website is not only a neat “collection” of texts and graphics, performing representative functions. First of all, it is primarily a sales tool that should support commercial and marketing processes in the company. With that in mind, we create websites that sell and attract customers, taking care of the highest standards of quality and conversion when designing.

Creating websites designed to attract contractors is the basis of our many years of activity. A professionally created website should act as an automating part of commercial processes related to acquiring a contractor


In our opinion, the website is an automated seller who represents the company on the web. A professional website design, properly optimized and effectively promoted, can attract customers every day with minimal budget. The company websites created by our company are unique in relation to competitive projects. Since we treat the website as the basic channel for communication with the customer, we guarantee that the level of performance and optimization will make it an excellent sales tool.

Website design stages


01 | Consultations

The stage in which we set requirements and expectations for the project with you, preceding the creation of the website. We add our own ideas to your expectations, draw joint conclusions and reflections. We then compile these into a specification, on the basis of which we move to the process of implementing a graphic concept and create a website design.

02 | Graphic design of the website

This is the stage during which we design the layout and appearance of the website based on the specification. At this stage, we want to show the customer what the website will look like visually after it is finished. Graphic designs are presented in the form of static or dynamic graphics, along with a detailed description of the operation of each element. The website design is a key element that determines the visual and functional direction of the entire implementation.

03 | Creating the website

On the basis of the approved website design from the previous stage or the application of any design comments, we proceed to the final stage, i.e. coding and deployment of the website. The deployed website has all the functionalities, effects, animations and web software, thus becoming a complete and fully functional website for publication on the web.

What distinguishes our website designs and why they are the optimal solution for you

original design

Away with ready, free or bought cheap templates that are overflowing with often harmful and unnecessary functionalities, burdening the website. We will give you an original graphic design, designed from scratch, a guarantee of uniqueness and optimal operation.


A well-thought-out and well-planned website, presenting all the advantages of the company in a simple, easily accessible form, is the basis that affects the user’s trust in the website. And that’s one step closer to taking advantage of the company’s offer. An intuitive interface is a priority in our design, so important and yet many contractors forget about it.


Each website we design is optimally adapted to mobile devices, so you can be sure that both customers on computers and phones can easily read your offer and presentation of the company.


Website is not only about appearance, design and operation in itself. Website is supposed to work quickly and efficiently, so when creating websites we make every effort to lightness, loading time and SEO optimization for search engines.


Creating websites is not only a collection of information and a nice appearance, but also selling effectiveness. This distinguishes ordinary website developers from experts who design with the sales potential of the website in mind. We create each website so that it is optimized for immediate sale and acquisition of contacts. We do this by optimizing the source code and equipping the website with mechanisms encouraging the purchase and interaction with the website. Appropriate balancing of these elements gives excellent results.

The types of websites we make.

What industries did we work for?


For many years, we have been supporting the industry by creating service and product websites. We have created dozens of search engine optimized webpages for manufacturers, thus increasing sales efficiency


We create websites for doctors, clinics, medical facilities. We use the most effective tools such as appointment reservation systems, medical profile presentations and specializations.


Designing websites for lawyers, law firms is another element of our business. Our projects make it easier for potential clients to contact the law firm and also solve a legal problem online.


We create websites for commercial companies dealing with the distribution of products. We have made both websites for wholesalers and retailers.


We have over a dozen website designs for insurance. We worked for insurance brokers as well as for multiagency and insurance agencies. Using the briefing mechanisms for the valuation of insurance, we significantly increase the sales conversions of the parties in this industry.


We also create web projects for education, i.e. schools, training facilities, language, private educational companies. Thanks to e-learning mechanisms, we also make it easier for companies to train their students online.


We cooperate with several companies from the IT industry, including digital security, IT security, programming and outsourcing companies. There are already a dozen or so successful projects for the IT industry in our portfolio.


We support small and large catering in the field of activities through the implementation of websites equipped with an interactive menu as well as systems of ordering takeout dishes. We worked for bars, restaurants, pizzerias, fast-food chains.


Accounting is another industry in which we have projects of websites. Business card webpages for accounting services, facilitating the contact of a potential customer with an accounting office, are a way to increase inquiries and interest from taxpayers looking for support in settlements.


We worked for over a dozen companies in the land and sea transport industry. We created projects for companies dealing with Mediterranean crossings, refrigerated transport, as well as manufacturers of software for operating fleets.


Tourism is an extensive industry in which we have a rich portfolio of customers. We created websites for hotels, tour operators, accommodation and tourist bases as well as visa brokerage

Why it is worth designing a website with us:

  • Our website designs are distinguished by

  • We create

  • We provide

  • impressive workmanship
  • simplicity of navigation
  • search engine optimization
  • functional cms system
  • page-jack protection
  • faultlessness
  • high website sales conversion
  • service and management in the price of hosting
  • websites for companies
  • web portals
  • cms systems
  • online stores
  • modifications of websites
  • search engine web optimizations
  • webpage usability audits
  • site audit
  • post-implementation support of the website
  • functional and reliable hosting
  • technical consultancy
  • smooth contact and professional cooperation
  • free training on website operation
  • guarantee and support
  • installation on the server

Implementation of websites and implemented functionalities

CMS System


Optimized for search engines

Original graphic design

CMS System


Search Engine Optimization

Original graphic design

Original design

Content management system

Custom gallery mechanism


Search Engine Optimization System

CMS System

Original graphic design


Optimized for search engines

CMS System

Original graphic design


Optimized for search engines

Secret Key

Website for a detective agency specializing in investigation, surveillance and business intelligence. The website was made on the original graphic design and optimized for search engines.


Implementation for a company that performs industrial automation for the galvanic industry.
The website was built on the original design and the cms system for content management. A partner network map has also been implemented with a simple edition of business cards from the administration panel.

Autovetus Paint Shop

“One Page” website for a car paint shop. The aim of the project was to present products and services of the paint shop for demanding customers who have unusual cars to be renovated.

Profit Vector

Website for a financial advisory firm

Inter Optima

Website for a company operating in the refrigeration and air conditioning industry

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

1 Do you need any technical knowledge to cooperate in the construction of the website with you?

No. The customer does not need any technical knowledge to cooperate. It is enough to initially determine your needs and our specialists guide you through the entire process from design to website installation and consulting.

2 How much does a website cost?

The cost of a website depends on its size and level of advancement. Each project is valued individually on the basis of customer specifications and requirements.

Estimated pages are made in two packages:

  • sstandard – for simpler websites, e.g. up to 15 subpages in the budget between PLN 2,500 – PLN 3,000 net.
  • premium – for extended websites, stores, portals, with a higher level of graphic and mechanical advancement in budgets starting from PLN 4,000 net.

However, we always try to create individual valuations, because every project we receive for estimation is a different story, requirements and goals.



3 What is needed to create a website?

In order to create a website, we need materials, i.e. content, product descriptions, services, contact details of the company, generally all information that the customer wishes to show on the website.

In the final stage, you will need access to the server (hosting) and a purchased domain.

4 Who organizes the hosting and domain for the website?

We recommend that the customer buys the server and domain for the website on their own and passes the data to us in the panel for installation. For the server and domain, we can advise and give specific guidelines on how to make a step-by-step purchase.

5 What are the stages of creating a website?

Depending on the selected offer, the creation process proceeds as follows:

  • consultation with our graphic designer
  • development of the graphic concept of the website and submitted for comments
  • based on the approved graphic concept, we implement and program the final website
  • we upload the completed website to the target domain

6 Do I need to have photos and graphics for the website?

In most cases, customers have photos of the realization or the company’s headquarters or products that they would like to put on the website due to the offer. The rest is up to us in our repositories. In the absence of any customer-side photos, we use all photos and graphics from our repositories.

7 Are the graphics and materials proposed on the website legal?

All graphic materials that we use to create the website are legal, licensed from photo-stock databases, with the possibility of commercial use for the needs of the company website.

8 What if I don't like some graphic or element?

Before each implementation, we propose a graphic design, on which the customer can make his/her corrections, which we then introduce to the project. When it comes to licensed photos and graphics, we put them with a watermark. Only after the customer accepts them, we download licensed versions without watermarks.

9 Do I need to have text and content for the website?

In this respect, we have several models of cooperation to establish:

  • the customer provides us with all the content created independently
  • the customer does not provide us with content but wants to be able to add it later. In this case, we implement predefined text fields, with blank text, where you can add your own text.
  • the client orders us to create texts. Then we ask for basic information, necessary information about the company, the rest of the content is created by our copywriter.

10 How long does the implementation of the website take?

The duration of the implementation depends on the level of advancement of the website, the number of subpages or mechanisms to be found on the website.

  • Estimated for standard websites up to 10 subpages, this time is 4-5 working days including the graphic design.
  • For websites of several dozen pages – up to 10-12 working days.

The time of implementation also depends on how smooth is contact with the customer and the complexity of the substantive content provided to the website by the customer.

11 Will I be able to manage the website on my own?

Yes. Each website is created on the CMS system for content management. Together with the website, we issue management instructions that clearly describe how to edit individual content of the website.

12 How does the training on website operation look like?

After completing and accepting the website, the customer receives instructions in pdf format, describing the operation and management of individual elements of the website. In most cases, the documentation clarifies all the necessary points. In case of further ambiguities, you can arrange a free live online training course with our developer or at our company’s headquarters.

13 Do I pay in advance for the entire project before it starts?

No, the customer pays a small advance of 10% to start the project, the rest only after accepting the website. There is a contract for everything that protects the interests of both parties, which can be signed with us remotely.

14 Do I have any support and a guarantee for the website?

Yes, there is a one-year warranty and support for updates, technical assistance and consultations upon request.

After a year, you can further entrust us with the support of the website. Then we work on a commission basis depending on the scope of work.

15 Will my website be adjusted to mobile devices?

Yes, we customize each website that we design for mobile devices and test on various devices, from tablets to smartphones and iPhones.

16 Will my website be adapted to search engines?

As part of website design, we carry out initial optimization of the website for keywords, we take care of its lightness and maximum adaptation to the requirements of search engines. Finally, we index the website on Google. When it comes to further advanced positioning and optimization, we create them at the customer’s request as part of the subscription positioning offer.

17 Are you able to position my website?

Yes, we are able to effectively advertise and position each website on the Internet. An additional advantage of such cooperation is that as part of positioning, we make the necessary additional changes for free and run a website. Therefore, it is worth positioning in the company that made the website. This results in free optimization and smooth changes.

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